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Pricing for the Altair 8880 Clone is straight from 1976 with some great free stuff thrown in!

Price List


After a ten year run of selling the Altair 8800 Clone, I have decided to stop selling the computer. I am leaving this website online for support purposes. I still have the cassette interface board and serial cables available if you'd like to order these accessories.

If you're interested in an even more authentic Altair 8800 project, consider pulling together your own version of an Altair 8800c.

Altair 8800 Clone Computer


DB-25M to DB-9F, 10 Foot
(Altair to PC)


Audio Cassette Interface


USB to DB-9 Serial Port Adapter


All prices are in US$. Shipping is additional. To order, contact me by email as shown on the Contact page.