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Updates in the CP/M 2.2 Folder on the Support Page

PostPosted: November 25th, 2013, 2:48 pm
by AltairClone
I have made some additions and updates in the CP/M 2.2 Folder accessible through the Support page.

A new disk image, "games.dsk" has been added. I broke out a separate games disk primarily to make room to add the game, "Catchum." Catchum is essentially Pac-Man played on a VT-100 compatible terminal or terminal emulator. It was originally designed for the Kaypro at 4 MHz, so it runs a bit slow on the 2 Mhz Altair. However, if you raise the difficulty level on the startup screen, it speeds up the game.

Also, the SuperCalc2, Wordstar and Zork disks have been updated to make them bootable.

Have fun!