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Updates to Downloads on the Support Page (11/11/13)

PostPosted: November 11th, 2013, 11:14 pm
by AltairClone
Recommended and provided for us by Tom L:

VTL-2 (Very Tiny Language) is a ROM-based, integer-only programming language that fits in just 1K of memory. Originally written for the Altair 680, it was ported to the 8080 because of its popularity. It was often used to debug systems or just write games back in the day. It loads at F800 leaving room for the DBL, MBL and TURMON ROMs as well.

Because the F800 load address leaves just 62K of RAM available, you'll want to use MOVCPM to make a 62K CP/M or run the 56K or 48K CP/M disk images already present in the CP/M 2.2 directory.

A binary image of the VTL-2 ROM and a user's manual are present in the ROMs folder on the support page.

Thanks Tom!