Altair 8800 Clone Firmware Version 1.82

Announcements about the Altair 8800 Clone including software and hardware updates.

Altair 8800 Clone Firmware Version 1.82

Postby AltairClone » September 29th, 2015, 10:54 am

Firmware version 1.82 is available on the Altair Clone support page:

  • Add serial port baud rate option of 91.7 baud. This allows use of a 60hz, 110 baud Teletype from a 50hz power main (91.7=110*50/60).
  • In the real Altair 8800, the data-in bus lines are not driven when the sense switches are read (e.g., IN 0FFh). Therefore, the data lights should all be on no matter how the sense switches are set. Clone firmware has been updated to duplicate this operation.
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