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Postby gmh » July 23rd, 2016, 7:18 pm

While searching the web this weekend looking for random old school games I found the site http://www.mybitbox.com/highnoon-1970/ with the source code for a game from 1970 called Highnoon. So I decided to port it to the Altair. I have left the code/line numbering as close to the original as possible. The original game was designed to run on a teletype, so I made a few changes to make it more CRT friendly. For example if you can't remember the strategy options you can just hit ENTER and it will display them for you.

Highnoon is a BASIC game developed by a student from Syosset High School, NY in early 1970 on a timeshared computer system. The game is single player and set in the Wild West. The objective of the game is a show down between you and Black Bart. Turns are taken to either move closer, run or shoot. Both the player and Bart have four shots and the odds of hitting each other increase as you close the 100 paces between you.

Here's a screenshot of the game running on Microsoft BASIC (CP/M 2.2), although the code is very generic so it should work (or be easily portable) to other versions of BASIC on the Altair.

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