US State Capital Quiz - CPM 2.2 - Written in C

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US State Capital Quiz - CPM 2.2 - Written in C

Postby bkholman » November 23rd, 2015, 11:35 pm

I just got my AltairClone and thought it would be fun to write a program for it. The program will present the US States in a random order and ask the user to supply the correct capital. The program keeps score of the number of correct answers and allows unlimited retries per state. The program uses the SoundEx algorithm to let the user know if they likely have the correct answer but it is misspelled. The program will adapted to various screen sizes of the VT100 compatible terminal.

Download Link:
============= ... captqz.dsk ... (includes source code in C)

Technical Details:
-captqz.dsk is 330k CPM 2.2 floppy image that will autolaunch
-The program was written in C and compiled in Linux for CPM on the Intel 8080
using the Amsterdam Compiler Kit (
-The program has been tested on the SIMH Altair 8800 simulator
-The program has also been tested on the Altair Clone Hardware
-The program should also work on z80-based CPM 2.2 systems

-The program is 41029 bytes. I have only tested it on machines with 64k RAM
-The program requires a VT100 compatible terminal

Third Party Attribution:
-The program uses the SoundEx function from Creativyst, Inc.
( for checking for misspelled state capitals.
The source included in this distribution contains their required copyright
-The VT100 terminal support is based on a library by Christoph Lohmann
( I removed the Linux specific code and
added support for bold, underline, blink, and reverse text. My version
is included in this distribution.
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Re: US State Capital Quiz - CPM 2.2 - Written in C

Postby AltairClone » November 29th, 2015, 2:22 pm

Just had a chance to download and boot this disk image. Good job!

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