Altair 8800 Clone Firmware Version 1.95

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Altair 8800 Clone Firmware Version 1.95

Postby AltairClone » January 22nd, 2023, 11:38 pm

Firmware version 1.95 is available on the support page.

Back in version 1.91, the ability to use baud rates higher than 115,200 for transfer of disk images was added in the Configuration Monitor. Unfortunately use of these higher baud rates was somewhat hit-or-miss. I have since found a UART overflow issue that inhibits reception until the error is cleared. This has been corrected in version 1.95 and the higher baud rates now work reliably.

I have created additional TeraTerm keyboard macros to make it easy to select 230.4K or 460.8K baud (ctrl-2 or ctrl-4) like those for 115.2K and 9600 baud (ctrl-1, ctrl-9). Click on the "TeraTerm 4.77 Terminal Emulator" link on the support page to download the updated .zip file. Copy the files "keyboard.cnf" and all the "baud*.ttl" files to the programs folder in which you have TeraTerm installed. E.g., "Program Files (x86)" or "Program Files".

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Re: Altair 8800 Clone Firmware Version 1.95

Postby Wayne Parham » January 23rd, 2023, 9:02 am

Very cool, Mike, thanks!
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