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Re: On eBay: Clone Micro-ATX Backplates

Postby steve_a » November 17th, 2019, 2:33 pm

managed_mischief wrote:thanks, just grabbed one. did you say somewhere you had the cad files as well? if you had the altair drawn up id love to grab that from you

Yessir, it was shipped Friday. I didn't get to update eBay until today. Busy weekend working on my ATX power switch.

The files for the backplate are here:
(expires after 30 days, on or about 12/17/19)

I think the designs are all in SolidWorks. Protocase is the fab shop I've been using and they handled the CAD work. I used their free tool to get the original plate in the ballpark, their engineers took it from there (VERY helpful, they were). I don't have any files for the Altair itslef, maybe Mr. Douglas could help you out?

A note: If anyone thinks they can get these made for less than $80 apiece, I'll stop providing them. The $80 + 10% eBay markup is how I landed on $90. If such is the case, could you wait until I'm able to offload the rest I have?
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