Help finding slot blank covers/mounts

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Help finding slot blank covers/mounts

Postby TomXP411 » February 13th, 2019, 1:07 pm

So here's my issue...

I want to install a Raspberry Pi inside of my Altair Clone to act as a terminal and network interface. (Eventually, I'll run a terminal server on the Pi to let me log in from across the room.)

So I'd really like to find some slot blanks that fit the DB-size holes and allow me to mount various things in those holes. Ideally, I'd like to pull out all four of the Pi's USB jacks, the HDMI jack, and the Ethernet jack to the Altair's back panel, so I don't need to open the case to plug things in to the Pi. The adapter plates would be really simple: just rectangular holes and screw holes that I could install panel-mount jacks into.

I figure I might end up needing to 3D print these things, but I don't have the tools or experience to create the necessary STL files. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to start with that? Or should I just buy some metal stock and a nibbler tool?
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