A new backplate showed up at my door today...

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Re: A new backplate showed up at my door today...

Postby steve_a » June 27th, 2018, 10:13 pm

toml_12953 wrote:You can put me down for one if you're making up a list.

Cool, cool. Once I get some time back home to sit down with the calipers and adjust a little (It works but needs some wiggling), I'll be working on putting in an order for 5 of them and I'll probably set up something on eBay to get them out. August timeframe, maybe?

If all 5 are used up, I'll do it again.

TomXP411 wrote:Ouch. Yeah, I don't need one quite that badly.

Haha yeah, it was hard to swallow but I think it will be worth it in the end.

TomXP411 wrote:I have been actually using this system with a Raspberry Pi as a terminal; I just leave the Pi inside the case. So I will just try to locate some port adapters to mount an HDMI and USB jack in two of the DB25 socket openings.

That's reasonable. The company I ordered this one-off from, protocase, has a solidworks-ish design software (protocase designer) in which it would be pretty easy to create something like that. They were really easy to work with (but expensive for one plate). I mocked up close to what I wanted in the software then a designer on their side and me tossed dimensions back and forth until it was ready, then about a week later it was at my door. Doing a DB-25 blanking plate or two with some cutouts should be pretty cheap. If your search comes up empty.
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