OKI Microline 320 setup on Altair Clone

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Re: OKI Microline 320 setup on Altair Clone

Postby AltairClone » July 6th, 2015, 4:24 pm

MOVCPM8 and SYSGEN will not change the IOBYTE in memory (i.e., the active IOBYTE for the session you're in), so the fact your IOBYTE patch is not taking effect immediately after exiting SYSGEN is correct. The active IOBYTE is in memory at location 03h.

The IOBYTE patch you made takes effect when you cold reboot CP/M. Most likely you're not seeing anything when you reboot because you've set the IOBYTE to 80h. This is changing the console to use the 88-SIO board at 0/1 instead of the 88-2SIO you were just using.

Most likely you're wanting 95h (printer is LPT, everything else remains on the 1st port of the 2SIO). You could also use an IOBYTE of D5h (printer is 2nd 2SIO port).

I assume you used the "STAT LST:=LPT:" or the "STAT LST:=UL1:" command at the command line to prove the printer worked. Is that correct? If so, you can go look at location 03h using DDT after issuing the STAT command and see the IOBYTE value that STAT generated. This is the value you should patch into 25DA.

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Re: OKI Microline 320 setup on Altair Clone

Postby Caterman » July 6th, 2015, 5:14 pm

Yep that solved it.
We're cooking on gas now.
25DA needed to be D5
I had not read the io byte PDFs correctly, assuming 80 was the correct data to get the printer working!
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Re: OKI Microline 320 setup on Altair Clone

Postby jibanes » February 3rd, 2017, 9:39 pm

Very nice work, I'd love to see a video of this.
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